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SantalNet is a mobile based network of Santals, where you can search Santal people based on profession, organisation or location. You can search rental service of vehicle like car, auto,bus etc provided by Santals in your location. You can search houses of Santals  for rental. You can search any business like shop, hotels, garage, tent house etc owned by Santals. You can search Santal doctors, insurance agents, advocates etc in your locality.

SMS your query to 9379726825. Just remember yesZsantal. Digits on 9379726825 corresponds to letters of "yesZsantal" on your mobile keypad. Ex: y:9, e:3, s:7, Z:9 etc.

Example of SMS :

  • Search car, town : Baripada

  • Search people, job: doctor, loc: Bankura

  • Search garage, town: Jamsedpur

For detail on how to format your query, please see "How to SMS" section.

This is a free service for Santals and all expenses are borne by SEA. Sender has to bear his usual SMS charge as per his SMS pack. Please spread this information to your Santal friends, relatives and acquaintances.


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